Were you recently arrested?

Are you worried about going back to jail? Are you worried about what will happen to your job? Are you worried about what will happen to your family?

If you have been arrested or if you are being investigated for a crime, you need a criminal defense attorney on your side.

This is a stressful and confusing situation that most people don’t have experience with. Depending on what you’re being charged with, if you are convicted, you may be facing significant time in prison, fines, drivers license suspensions and more. I make sure that my clients have access to me during this time so that I can answer any questions that they may have.

You can be confident that when you hire Sean Henricksen, you are in good hands. I am consistently ranked as one of San Antonio’s Best Criminal Defense Attorneys. I am exclusively a criminal defense attorney. It is what I am good at and it is what I enjoy.

You have Constitutional rights and I will fight for those rights. The police cannot detain you, arrest you, or search you unless certain requirements are met without violating your Constitutional rights. Police frequently do though. I check every case to make sure that your rights have not been violated.

Every case is different and every story has two sides. I take the time to discuss the case with my clients and to find out their side of the story. If there was a misunderstanding that can be explained to the prosecutor, we may be able to get your case dismissed. In some cases, a witness lied to the police which led to my client getting arrested. I take the time to find out what really happened, so that if the case isn’t dismissed, we have a better chance of winning at trial.

Call today for a free case evaluation. Call today, so that you have the peace of mind that comes with hiring one of San Antonio’s top rated criminal defense attorneys.

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