My Story

When I was younger, I was arrested for DWI. I still remember the feeling that came along with the arrest. I was embarrassed, confused, and didn’t know where to find the help I needed. I hired a lawyer who handled the legal elements of my problem successfully, but my attorney didn’t help with what I was going through emotionally.

I arrived at my first court date without knowing what to expect. Fortunately, my case got dismissed. However, I was never told that I could have worked to get the arrest taken off of my record. Each time I went for a job interview or applied for school, I had to relive the mistake I had made and the feelings associated with it. Potential employers asked me to explain what happened and why I’d been arrested. This was a point of embarrassment, and I never knew how significantly my arrest would impact my life and future decisions.

After graduating from law school, I helped good people that were in the same position that I had been in. Because of my experiences, I was able to see the person apart from the crimes they were charged with.

I have made it my mission to help people in the same position I was in. Not only am I committed to getting you the best outcome, but I will stand beside you as we go through the process together. I want to learn about your life while also informing you of what you can expect. Long periods of silence cause confusion and needless anxiety. I will reach out periodically to see if you have any questions and to find out how you are doing.

Thankfully, I was able to get past my arrest years ago. I now have a wife and children whom I love. I am grateful to be able to help others get past their arrests. I have been voted one of the best criminal defense attorneys in this area, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. This is more than a job or career. 

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