Family Violence Cases

We focus on helping people charged with family violence cases, and more than 85% of our clients’ misdemeanor family violence cases are dismissed.* When police officers are called to a scene involving domestic violence, they are forced to make decisions in real-time. In all likelihood, they find two people who are accusing the other of wrongdoing. They may be forced to make an arrest with limited information. 

For the person who was charged, the facts of the case may seem like there is no chance of arriving at a positive outcome. At the Sean Henricksen Law Firm, we need to know the following: Many of these cases are winnable

Fortunately, we have the time to intentionally sort the details, take statements, and determine how your situation will be viewed in the eyes of the law and the court. Because the consequences are significant, you need an attorney who understands how to support you through every legal option. 

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