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Stop worrying about how a criminal charge will disrupt your life, career, and family. Commit to taking appropriate legal action to fight it.

The effects of being charged with a crime extend beyond what happens inside the courtroom. Although receiving a jail sentence may be your primary concern, you must face several other issues: 

  • Driver’s license being suspended 
  • Losing your job
  • Missed mortgage payments 
  • Concerns over how your family will manage while you are gone.
  • How your record will impact future employment opportunities
  • Dealing with probation
  • Expensive surcharges
  • Professional licensing

At the Henricksen Law Firm, we are committed to helping good people who have been charged with criminal offenses. Your situation is unique, and before we develop a strategy, we will hear your individual concerns. Then we work toward the result that solves all of your problems—both now and in the future.

Your initial consultation is always FREE, and we offer flat-fee options. There won’t be any additional surprise charges or billings. The District Attorney and his staff are already working on getting you convicted. DPS is working on suspending your driver’s license. It is imperative that you have us working to defend you immediately. If you don’t act within 15 days of your arrest, your driver’s license may automatically be suspended.