Assault – Family Violence

92% of my client’s misdemeanor family violence cases have been dismissed this year!

Argument Between Man and Woman

Assault to a family member is a serious charge with serious consequences. If convicted, you could receive up to a year in jail and a $4000 fine. You will also never be able to legally own or possess a gun. If you are ever charged with a assault to a family member again, it will be a felony.

I am stunned when I see people taking a plea agreement on these cases, particularly early on in a case. These cases are often difficult for the state to prove. Unlike most misdemeanors, there is usually not much evidence. There’s usually an argument between a couple, with no other witnesses. The police usually arrive after everything has calmed down and can only testify as to the what they witnessed, any injuries they saw, and any admissions made by the person they arrest.

I have been working these cases in a systematic way for the last two years. In that time, I have only plead one case (an unusual case were the client’s goal was not a dismissal), I have taken two to trial, and every other case has been dismissed without having to sit through a trial. Unfortunately, these cases are not usually quickly resolved. Fortunately, the resolution is usually the case being dismissed and the client being able to have the charge completely removed from their record so that it doesn’t show up on background checks.

If you are being charged with a family violence case, call today or fill out the form below so that I can begin work on your case today.

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